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I'd had my eye on these two for a while now. Fabiana and I are 'Instagram friends', if you must know. I'd see the dreamiest photos of Sammi and his babe on my feed, best described as effortlessly romantic, which seems far too rare these days. I was unsure if our love was mutual until the day Fabiana snagged a pair of our keychains for her and her big spoon. I knew then and there that I could not resist hunting them down and begging them to be our next featured local lovers.  I was really looking forward to meeting this pair. Sammi brought his overalls, as promised, and a head full of thick, dark curls. Fabiana strolled up flashing those big, pearly whites...

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Bartending in Delray Beach, Mr Farina has the pleasure of meeting locals who love Hubs & Hers. Every Friday evening at approximately 3 am, my husband returns home from work, nestles into bed next to me and I battle with my eyelids as he tells me tales from the night of. On rare occasion, I hear of couples who have left a lasting impression. Mikey and Cami were one of those couples.    Looking babelicious in our HIS BABE dad hat    HOW THEY MET. Cami beams at me from the back seat of the Hubs & Hers mobile as I beg her for details of the very first day she laid eyes on her now husband. All I see are teeth...

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Mr Farina and I had the pleasure of celebrating the nuptials of Jess and Garrett and it is wonderful to see them, just shy of a year later, smiling as much as they did on their big day.  LOVE AT FIRST SITE. Jess and Garrett laugh out loud, eyes smiling, as they begin to explain their online meeting and jokingly accuse one another of being the first to make contact. I love asking couples this question: How did you meet? Such a brief sentence, seemingly insignificant because you've been asked this question dozens of times before without anyone ever really caring how you met. Until now.  Mr Farina and I both knew Jess before ever even meeting one another, however we cannot...

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My husband and I had a very special anniversary to celebrate yesterday. We woke up early, made a coffee for the road and packed up the car. As we pulled away from home, my phone vibrated and I was notified that someone had mentioned @hubsandhers in their Instagram story. My excitement flew into overdrive as I laid eyes on two of our most loyal shoppers packing up their Hubs & Hers gear and heading to the same destination as us.     Meet Sean and Stefania. They are huge advocates for supporting local businesses and have been shopping Hubs & Hers since the beginning. They own almost everything we've ever created and have been celebrating birthdays, Valentine's Days and anniversaries with us since...

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Meet Savannah & Johan! These two have the kind of relationship that is envied by many. The kind of duo that has mastered best-friendship within a romantic relationship. Many want this kind of relationship, think they have this kind of relationship, but not all are able to achieve both. It was sweet to watch them joke around and pick fun on one another while we took some casual, candid shots. Their banter was effortless and loving. They even managed to remain cheerful, happy and lighthearted, despite the mosquito swarms and Florida humidity.  Mr. & Mrs. Van Wyk met five years ago. Savanah was visiting her cousin in South Africa and had only 3 days left of her trip when she first...

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