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February 28th, 2018 will commemorate our third year of marriage. That means we're also approaching the third anniversary of Hubs & Hers. I still have a hard time believing that Mr Farina has survived these last few years with me. He's got a few gray hairs to show for it but no one ages more gracefully than my handsome husband. As Hubs & Hers grows, our relationship evolves and so does our outlook on partnerships. We're dedicated to featuring only the most sincere of loves, the realest relationships, the truest companions.  We hit the jackpot with Hannah & Steven.    HOW THEY MET. Hannah and Steven first crossed paths six years ago. They met through a mutual friend who strictly instructed Steven to keep his...

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Meet The Bangs & The Beard

When Living Fresh first reached out to us, we were a little reserved. We've turned down so many collaborations in the past, mostly because Hubs & Hers has always been just the hub & I. Our main priority has always been to keep things authentic and the idea of incorporating outside influences felt daunting. However, after our first night's sleep on our Living Fresh sheets, we couldn't resist a meeting and after a ride down their extreme indoor office slide, we were sold. A random tuk tuk parked in the middle of open concept cubicles and rooms dedicated solely to mediation, yoga and ping-pong upstairs. Add it to our list of goals: an office space as bad ass as Living...

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  I've been dying to pair our vintage denim jackets with wedding dresses. I hope somewhere out there, one our jackets has found the perfect bride-to-be, scheming the dreamiest photoshoot with their babe. Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue jean? It was a must for me to incorporate a little white dress, that I once wore to Mr Farina and I's intimate backyard reception, into this shoot. I loved the dress when I wore it then and I fell in love all over again when Bobbie threw it on. She stood their looking like a modern day Marilyn Monroe. She turned her back to me and revealed an unzipped zipper. I pulled up on the zipper, but it didn't...

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One of the things I have enjoyed most about Hubs & Hers is writing this Local Lovers blog. It has given my partner and I the opportunity to meet some remarkable duos and the platform to share their love stories.  Carri and Teddy are one of those couples.   I thought I had died and gone to heaven when Carri reached out to us. Her beauty was obvious, but she really hit home when she began to reminisce about details of meeting Teddy at work. Nostalgia struck me, as fond memories of crushing on my then-boss, now-husband danced around in my head.   HOW HE ASKED HER TO MOVE IN.  Like most of us, these two were unable to avoid frequent slumber...

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I'd had my eye on these two for a while now. Fabiana and I are 'Instagram friends', if you must know. I'd see the dreamiest photos of Sammi and his babe on my feed, best described as effortlessly romantic, which seems far too rare these days. I was unsure if our love was mutual until the day Fabiana snagged a pair of our keychains for her and her big spoon. I knew then and there that I could not resist hunting them down and begging them to be our next featured local lovers.  I was really looking forward to meeting this pair. Sammi brought his overalls, as promised, and a head full of thick, dark curls. Fabiana strolled up flashing those big, pearly whites...

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