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Rocky Mountain Retreat for Two

I consider myself very fortunate to have found partner as thoughtful as my own. Born in upstate New York, my husband is familiar with the change of seasons throughout the year. For the past 26 years and 10 months, I have become very accustomed to monochromatic seasons year round. As a native South Floridian, green leaves are always within eyeshot and cutoff shorts are appropriate twelve months out of the year (in my opinion). My very favorite gift this past Christmas was from my husband: a plan to search for snow. We scoured the internet and interviewed friends and family, searching for the white winter wonderland I had created in my mind. I was on the prowl for something romantic...

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Mr Farina

A warm smile escapes out of his grizzly beard and the laugh lines creeping beautifully in the corners of his brown eyes deepen. They get me every time. He's going to town on a mountain of dirty dishes. A habitual marital compromise. He washes. I dry. As we stand together at the sink, dishwasher-less, he can't help but squeeze my butt. It makes me feel good, content, sexy, safe. There is no place I'd rather be.  I'd keep this man all to myself, however it seems only fair that you finally get to know a little more about the hub behind Hubs & Hers. He'll handle my mood swings with grace. He'll be more patient than I give him credit for...

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Tuesday through Saturday, there wasn't a night I got home before 8:30. I won't pretend that Mr. Farina and I worked cooking into the schedule. The fridge? Ha. Leave her out of this. I can't remember the last time we'd given her any groceries to keep cold. The nespresso machine was the only appliance that received regular use (very regular use).  Remember Lindsey, complete all of your daily adult responsibilities and just simply squeeze Hubs & Hers in before, during, in between and after everything.  PS try not to stay up all night, capitalizing on as much time with your man as possible before your eyes shut. You're going to be sleepy tomorrow.  "See you Sunday", I would whisper into my...

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My name is Mrs. Farina, formerly known as Lindsey Foss. I married Mr. Farina in February of 2015, where we abandoned everyone and disappeared off to the Caribbean for our private nuptials. He is my better half, in the most cliche way. He compensates for my lack of domestic charm in the kitchen and I have introduced him to the world of jarred sauce. I'm a simple girl with simple goals. I want to live on a island with the man of my dreams and sleep in on weekdays when my date with my husband keeps me out too late. I want to forget about routine tasks like washing my hair and be unforgivingly sun-kissed. I want to create something that...

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