COOL MOM | Band Tee
COOL MOM | Band Tee
COOL MOM | Band Tee

COOL MOM | Band Tee


Not many things more badass than being a mom

'COOL MOM' Band Tee x Hubs & Hers  

Hand-printed @ the Hubs & Hers HQ 

HIS shirt hand-printed for HER - because his shirt is cozier, duh 

SIZE & FIT. this tee has an extra relaxed ‘boyfriend’ fit because it is originally a men’s tee | this is not like any of our other tee styles & is intended to fit oversized | our size S is equivalent to a men’s S, our M equivalent to a men’s M & so on... | this shirt comes full length originally, but you may choose to chop this bad boy up into a crop top with our 'crop it like it's hot' add-on option. 

This item will not be eligible for a return or an exchange if you have chosen to alter it with of our 'crop it like it's hot' option.

WARNING: NO TWO TEES WILL BE IDENTICAL because of the dying process to achieve this broken-in, vintage appearance \ these tees are washer & dryer friendly however, the burnout blue tee specifically will lose some of the blue color the more it is washed & look more 'broken-in' than the other tees.  

P.S. if you're crazy about this piece, you'll love our 'Cool Moms Club' tee 



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