Hi. Just a little hello from my us - the husband & wife behind Hubs & Hers.
We eloped in February of 2015 & shortly thereafter, Hubs & Hers was born. 
Hubs & Hers originally began as a his & hers line geared towards unconventional couples (when we thought we were young & unconventional) but somewhere in our 30s, we decided to move to the 'burbs & have a baby & do the damn thing - & we're so fucking glad we did. 
All of our products have been inspired & created with love by the two of us. All of our photography has been shot - since day one 'til forever - by the Mrs & every single piece we create is printed & packed up right here at our HQ. 
To those of you who have been with us from the time we started this 'project' on the floor of our apartment living room, we love you.  To our new friends, we're so happy to have you here with us.