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Paws down my favorite photoshoot experience to date. My husband and I are hard-core dog lovers. Personally, I've always had a soft spot for 'shelter dogs' after growing up with my family's beloved rescue lab mix, but my husband was not as familiar with the heart of a rescue, until he met our Max

We currently have two dogs. I like to think that we rescued Bruiser first, but truth be told, we actually paid a woman in Miami $250 to take him off her hands, after learning they were unable to keep a four-month-old Bull Terrier pup in their rental apartment. We had Bruiser for four years before we decided that he needed a friend his own size. Max, the big-brown-eyed black lab we rescued from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League three years ago has been the most wonderful addition to our family. 


DEZZY'S SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESUCE. Created by Sandra Dezelan, a once glamorous & successful interior designer. After marrying a veterinarian in 2003, her life began to change it's course. The more time she spent at her husband's hospital, the more she realized just how many humans abandon their animal companions. Some were left in cardboard boxes, others tied up all night, only to be found in the morning when the staff arrived. She knew she could never look back the Sunday evening she visited the hospital & found a dog wrapped in duct tape, tied to the front door with a note, "duct tape works for everything".

Fast forward to 2019, Sandra has a fully furnished home on five acres of land right  here in Boynton Beach, FL. This homey residence is dedicated solely to these abandoned dogs. She has as many as thirty dogs at a time & they live freely on this peaceful property until they are ready for their forever home.


JUST THE RIGHT LOCAL LOVERS. You might remember Natalie & Dan. We introduced you guys to these cuties a few years ago & it has been so fun watching these two grow up. The already have one rescue pup of their own & were sooo down for the cause when they heard what we were up to...  

Good Looking Couples Tees

Ridiculously Good Looking

Same Ol' Cock Forever


MEET RED. She's one of the many success stories of Dezzy's Second Chance Rescue. Once neglected & unloved, now Red's the belle of the ball & has basically become Dezzy's mascot. She has found her permanent home right here with Sandra & twenty to thirty of her closest furry friends.

Dezzy's Second Chance RescueMeet RedDezzy's Second Chance Rescue Dezzy's RescueMeet Red


MEET HOLLY BERRY. To really meet this puppy, you have to watch this video footage from Channel 5 News to understand the severe level of negligence this young dog experienced before she made it to Dezzy's Second Chance Rescue.

WARNING this is horrific. CLICK HERE to watch. 

LOOK AT HER NOW. How really, really, really ridiculously good does she look? With a lot of TLC from Sandra, she is one of the happiest dogs I have ever met. Fortunately for her, & unfortunately for you, this sweet girl was just adopted. 

Dezzy's Second ChanceDezzy's Second ChanceDezzy's Second Chance


MEET BOBBY.  He's a Chihuahua & Dachshund mix. Sweet as he is petite & great with children & other dogs. I've never been a little dog person but this guy stole my heart from the moment I scooped his tiny ass up. 

If you're interested in rescuing Bobby, click HERE or any of his photos.

Meet BobbyMeet BobbyMeet BobbyMeet Bobby


MEET GRACIE. She's a beautiful boxer mix. This sweet girl is a ball of energy. She would thrive in a home with a large yard & other dogs or children to play with. If she can be a little picky, she'd prefer to live without cats. 

If you're interested in rescuing Gracie, click HERE or any of her photos.

Meet GracieMeet GracieMeet Gracie


MEET RALPHIE. This little nugget is a Yorkshire Terrier mix. He's already neutered, house-trained & hypoallergenic, plus he's comfortable with other dogs and children, so basically the perfect adoption-ready pet. 

 If you're interested in rescuing Ralphie, click HERE or any of his photos.  

Meet RalphieMeet RalphieMeet Ralphie


MEET STORM. She's a 1 1/2 year old Black Labrador Retriever mix. She's not that comfortable with cats yet but she is house-trained, walks great on a leash & loves car rides. She'd would be happiest in a home with a large yard & other medium-large dogs to play with. 

 If you're interested in rescuing Storm, click HERE or any of her photos.

Meet Storm

Meet Storm

Meet Storm

Meet Storm


MEET ROLLIE. He's a large Rottweiler & German Shepherd mix & by large, I mean big ol' baby. This sweet boy loves smooches on the lips & is friendly with dogs, cats & kids. 

If you're interested in rescuing Rollie, click HERE or any of this photos.

Meet RollieHis Sweetheart Meet RollieMeet RollieMeet Rollie

Our goal with this shoot is not only to raise awareness of 'adopting > shopping' but also to raise money for Dezzy's dogs. This rescue takes only the worst of the worst, the dogs that have been deemed too damaged to be repaired or too dangerous to deserve a home. Each dog requires thousands of dollars in surgery & rehabilitation before they are suitable for adoption. We know our fellow dog lovers want to help these pups out as much as we do, so we're making it easy & we're rewarding good behavior. 

If you make a minimum donation of $5, you will receive $20 in Hubs & Hers bucks.

Simply visit www.dezzyssecondchance.com or click here to make a donation now. 

Screenshot your donation & send it to us via DM on Instagram to claim your $20 & start shopping all of the cute shit you just saw from this shoot. 

If you happen to have more free time than money, please lend a helping hand & click here. Dezzy's Second Chance Animal Rescue could always use a volunteer. 

Volunteer at Dezzy's

Please leave a comment below, share on your Facebook page, tell ya man, spread the word. LET'S GET SOME DOGS ADOPTED. 


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  • Jenny

    I just love everything about this post! I love that you are shining a light on adopting > shopping. So very true.. adopted dogs just love you more! Donating now XO

  • Jessica

    I love this shoot and blog! Love love that you are doing this and helping these babies! This is a great thing to do and so inspiring. I’ll be donating 😊

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