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Paws down my favorite photoshoot experience to date. My husband and I are hard-core dog lovers. Personally, I've always had a soft spot for 'shelter dogs' after growing up with my family's beloved rescue lab mix, but my husband was not as familiar with the heart of a rescue, until he met our Max.  We currently have two dogs. I like to think that we rescued Bruiser first, but truth be told, we actually paid a woman in Miami $250 to take him off her hands, after learning they were unable to keep a four-month-old Bull Terrier pup in their rental apartment. We had Bruiser for four years before we decided that he needed a friend his own size. Max, the...

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The hub & I were itching to do a Halloween GIVEAWAY, but needed the perfect small business to pair up with. My mind immediately raced to Pink Pirate & the insane orange bikini I had just spotted on their Instagram. It definitely couldn't hurt if the company we collaborated with was local & just so happened to be owned by the cutest couple ever... CONTINUE READING FOR GIVEAWAY DETAILS.  HOW THEY MET.  Rachel started working at a local surf shop on Ft Lauderdale beach when she was 18. The tight-knit staff always spoke highly about their infamous friend Alex, who used to work at said surf shop, but had since moved to California. Fast forward a few years later, Alex moves back to Florida. Rachel's coworkers...

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My husband enters our bedroom. He's holding our ancient laptop and the screen is opened up to an email. He wants me to read the email aloud but it looks as if he's been crying. I take the Mac out of his grasp and begin to read a Local Lovers submission. A few sentences in and I start to get choked up. I turn around and my husband is crying. I can't physically finish the email either.  A few minutes later, we try it again. Three attempts later, the email is finally read in full and we know what we must do: WE MUST MEET THIS COUPLE.    HOW THEY MET.  Sandrine met Tim the day her father passed away. He had been battling terminal cancer for...

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I could have never imagined that a house could feel like a home without a kitchen or indoor shower, but Jess and Cameron have created just that.   Their custom garage holds all of the toys you could dream of. Four motorcycles, a '69 (wink wink) Dodge truck, a vintage Volkswagen bug, a Tito's cooler turned electric scooter and enough skateboards for Jess and Cam to ride a different one each day of the week. An enormous work bench sits in the middle of the garage, just waiting for a new DIY project. I spy bad ass red and turquoise cabinets that we later discovered will be the newest pieces of handmade furniture for a local joint opening up in...

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It was just a usual Wednesday morning, out of bed by 9 A.M. for a day full of screen printing. Thanks to you guys, my husband and I have become so busy with Hubs & Hers that we've had to hire a third wheel. She arrived at our home just before 10 A.M., like usual, and plopped down on the barstool next to me. Luckily for Regan, our third wheel was the one to open her DM that morning.   "Hi!!!!..." our third wheel began to read aloud, as Regan explained how excited she was about placing her fourth order with us, a new 'This Taco's Off The Menu' t-shirt. She was actually in town visiting her boyfriend and was hoping we'd...

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