It was just a usual Wednesday morning, out of bed by 9 A.M. for a day full of screen printing. Thanks to you guys, my husband and I have become so busy with Hubs & Hers that we've had to hire a third wheel. She arrived at our home just before 10 A.M., like usual, and plopped down on the barstool next to me. Luckily for Regan, our third wheel was the one to open her DM that morning. 

 "Hi!!!!..." our third wheel began to read aloud, as Regan explained how excited she was about placing her fourth order with us, a new 'This Taco's Off The Menu' t-shirt. She was actually in town visiting her boyfriend and was hoping we'd be down to let her buy the shirt in person. Maybe my husband was trying to get out of screen printing, or maybe he simply had tacos on the brain. Either way, he suggested we drop everything and meet these not-so-local lovers for an afternoon margarita. Just like that, it was a double date. 

Hubs & Hers

We secured an outside table for five at Rocco's Tacos (two couples, plus our now-fifth wheel). We wanted to spot these cuties as soon as they walked up and you know I had to take advantage of that natural afternoon light. Regan is as cute as a button and Tyler is one tall glass of water. They look like they've been marooned on some beautiful island for the last week or two, both with sun kissed skin and hair. They're about seven years apart, just like Mr Farina and I. I'm obsessed with them immediately. 

I couldn't help but admit how excited I was to see Regan's juicy boobies in this Hubs & Hers tee and immediately made her change into her new shirt before she could even sit down. Regan returned from the bathroom lookin' like a snack, sans bra, just as I requested. I blame those beautiful boobies for how these two met.

 This taco's off the menu

HOW THEY MET.  Tyler nostalgically tells the tale of noticing a girl from across the field one practice before a game. (As soon as he mentions that he played baseball for the Florida Marlins, I have to use all of my strength to resist bragging about my baseball-playing husband). 

Tyler simply couldn't take his eyes off this girl, so he came up with a foolproof plan: throw the ball in her direction and make her bring it back to him. 

They'll be dating celebrating their one year anniversary this May. 

I laugh to myself now as I type the tale, knowing in hindsight that Tyler spends his time training dogs when he's not training for baseball. 

 This taco's off the menu

"I don't like her, I love her".

The statement is instantaneously relatable and my husband and I both laugh out loud as the words escape Tyler's mouth. 

One of the things I like most about this couple is that they both equally appreciate Hubs & Hers. Regan finally got her hands on one of our vintage flannels, but admittedly only because Tyler reminded her to set an alarm for our time-sensitive release. They both equally looked forward to today's meet up and Tyler confesses a hilarious photo idea he came up with on their drive from Stuart to Delray Beach. Hell yeah these guys were game for a quick impromptu shoot on a Wednesday afternoon on a public sidewalk.

Hubs & Hers @ Rocco's Tacos

This taco's off the menu

Hubs & Hers @ Rocco's Tacos

Hubs & Hers @ Rocco's Tacos

We will most definitely be seeing these cuties again in the future & look forward to spending spontaneous afternoons with more of our local lovers. 

This taco's off the menu

P.S. kinda thinking I need a little somethin' with Mr Farina's name on it after peeping Regan's cute ass bead bracelet... 

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