My husband enters our bedroom. He's holding our ancient laptop and the screen is opened up to an email. He wants me to read the email aloud but it looks as if he's been crying. I take the Mac out of his grasp and begin to read a Local Lovers submission. A few sentences in and I start to get choked up. I turn around and my husband is crying. I can't physically finish the email either. 

A few minutes later, we try it again. Three attempts later, the email is finally read in full and we know what we must do: WE MUST MEET THIS COUPLE. 

 Hubs & Hers Local Lovers


Sandrine met Tim the day her father passed away.

He had been battling terminal cancer for a couple years and there was not a single day that she did not go to her parent's house to visit with her father after work. One evening in particular, out of sheer desperation, Sandrine decided to squeeze in a quick hair cut before heading over for her daily visit. "Fuck it", she thought to herself, "what could really happen in one hour before I make it to their house?"

That was the night her father stopped breathing.

She received a call from her mother that she needed to come to the hospital right away, reassuring Sandrine that she had already called 9-1-1 and they were able
to resuscitate him. She showed up to the hospital and was rushed back to
her dad's room with her daughter. There was a group of fireman
waiting in front of his room. Sandrine watched her father being placed
on a ventilator and quickly grabbed her daughter and turned around, shielding her
from witnessing what was happening.

One of the fireman came up and introduced himself to Sandrine. He asked if it would be okay if his partner took her daughter down the hallway so
that she could go in and see her father. Everything began to move in slow motion. This fireman grabbed Sandrine's hand and held it tightly, putting his other arm
around her and reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. 
What a weird sensation, feeling such a strong connection and to a complete stranger. Come to find out, this fireman was the one responsible
for resuscitating Sandrine's father. 

Flash forward a few weeks later. Sandrine a had written that fireman a long, heart felt letter thanking him for all he did for him that night. Unfortunately, he was not at the fire station the day she went to deliver her letter...

Flash forward another year. It was only a few days before the one year anniversary of her father's death and that fireman weighed heavily on Sandrine's heart. She needed to give him that letter she had written long ago and close this chapter of her life. She went to a local store that afternoon to pick up a few things and as she was exiting the building, engine 33 pulled in to the parking lot. Out of the fire truck hopped the very fireman she had been looking for. Her heart stopped and she just stood there, frozen, in the middle of the parking lot, tears streaming down her cheeks. 

The next day, she called the station, asking who had been on shift the day before in the white shirt. It was Lieutenant Tim Boone. They informed Sandrine of his next shift. She was determined to finally going to give him that damn letter. 

That day came. With the help of a little liquid courage and arms full of bagels for the guys, she walked into the station and there he was.

"Hey! I saw you the other night", said Tim.  

"I've been looking for you for a year now", replied Sandrine. 

She finally got to sit down next to Tim and hand him her letter, thanking him for all that he had done for her father and her daughter. She ended up staying at the fire station a few hours longer than anticipated and when Tim finally walked her out to her car, he said "hey, let's get a drink sometime soon if you are up for it".

Turns out, this station was only two blocks from Sandrine's house, and from that day on, they spoke everyday. When he was on shift, they would swing by her house in the engine and soon enough, she was making regular trips up to the station to spend time with him. They were inseparable. Fated to be together.

The night before he passed, Sandrine's father told her that she was going to meet someone who was meant for her very soon. That was the last thing he said to her. The next day, she met Tim. When the timing is just right, everything will fall into place.

His Babe Hoodie

Give 'em the Finger


This duo is far from traditional and that is what we love most about them. They kicked the conventional wedding to the curb and got married in a World War II airplane hanger, completely winging the entire shindig! One of their dear friends, a fellow fireman, married them while dressed in costume as a Catholic preacher, sharing a PBR during their ceremony. They catered Chipotle, opted for the infamous open bar and just had a big ass non-traditional, shameless wedding party, complete with cropped wedding dress Sandrine had always dreamed of and custom Vans for Tim. 


Just mildly obsessed with the above photograph, snagged by their brilliant wedding photographer @_andreadelamar. In true Hubs & Hers fashion, these lovers opted for a first grab over the traditional 'first look'.

'til death do us part

Bride & her maids

Eat Cake

Local Lovers Wedding

Sandrine's ring is as unique as you could imagine, handmade by Kristin Coffin Jewelry and created from ethically sourced Canadian diamonds and recycled, antique white gold. Its center is composed of iconic grey moissanite, which hits home with Sandrine, as it was discovered in 1893 by a French chemist. Sandrine was born in Florida, but raised in France, with French being her first spoken language. She also happens to be one hot French scientist. I think it's safe to say this ring is very special. 

Kristin Coffin Jewelry

Wedding Invitations

Non-Traditional Wedding

Non-Traditional Wedding


Both Tim and Sandrine had children from previous relationships. One might assume introducing six kids might be rough, but when these two combined tribes, they blended together effortlessly. Now they are one big wolf pack of eight, somehow managing to get their crew to elementary, middle and high school 5 days a week and still finding time to sneak away for Hubs & Hers.  

 Give 'em the Finger

Give 'em the Finger

Give 'em the finger

Give 'em the Finger

Give 'em the Finger

Give 'em the Finger

Sandrine and Tim have been married seven months now and these newlyweds were so game to throw on all our of our most obnoxious husband and wife gear. THEY GET IT. Being married is the fucking best.  

Beware of my Husband

Same Ol' Cock Forever

 Same 'ol Cock Forever

Same Ol' Cock Forever

Hubs & Hers Kissing Booth

Click on any photo to shop the handprinted pieces these Local Lovers are rocking or head over to

Give 'em the finger 

Give 'em the finger



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