I walk into the Diamantides's home and immediately start drooling. One would think Restoration Hardware, West Elm and Target just gave birth in the middle of her family room. Their humble abode is cozy, Pinterest-perfect, with a soft palette of neutral tones and a remarkable blend of high-end and affordable home decor. Not one ill-advised accessory. Not one piece of furniture I wouldn’t kill to have in my own home. I suddenly spy a killer distressed wood accent wall that has Stacie's name all over it. Of course this cool wife DIYs. 
Hubs and Hers Local Love
While her hub is out of the house, she chats about him fondly and I get all the intimate scoop on this dreamy Mr. & Mrs. We sip mimosas and attempt to gain liquid courage as we chat about how little I plan on letting her wear for our pictures.
Photoshoot MUST-HAVES: vintage sweaters & hers husband's legendary beard. 
hubs and Hers Local Love
HOW THEY MET. Stacie had ended a long term relationship and lost her job and was on a path of self discovery. No man needed for this journey. (But that’s how it always happens, isn’t it? When you’re not looking, the love of your life will fall right into your lap). A friend soon set her up with an interview for a graphic design job AND had the perfect guy to set her up with too. Her brand new boss’ best friend. 
Stacie was adamant about not jumping into another relationship but she couldn’t deny the chemistry when Nick made visits to the office. You can't fight fate. We chuckle now about how Stacie was the first one to ask Nick out. We even have their very first convo to share. 
Hubs and Hers Local Love
Secretly, I laugh even harder as nostalgia strikes, remembering the cheesy Facebook message I first sent to Mr. Farina that started it all... 
HOW HE COURTED HER. A man that goes out of his way to surprise you with coffee on your desk every morning before work? You marry that man. 
A smile creeps along Stacie's face as she remembers another fond dating past time. An innocent trip to the mall with Nick and a friend. Strolling through Intermix, (before this style goddess could afford Intermix) Stacie spotted a dress she loved but would never treat herself to. Days later, Nick picked Stacie up with a sweet surprise. In the front seat of his car was the dress. I smile at Stacie, watching love ooze out of her pores as she mentions that this dress is still hanging in her closet.
MARRIED LIFE. Nick gets home and the 8 years of memories Stacie has shared with me are confirmed true. They greet each other with warm smiles and Nick joins right in our conversation about his questionable apparel choice from the beginning of their relationship. I watch, like a player on the side lines, witnessing my 'Instagram goals' couple in real life. This is one genuinely happy hub, ready to please his beautiful wife and play dress up for a bit.
We head upstairs so that I can salivate over the rest of their home. First thing I spot, his and hers closets. Shoes from floor to ceiling and more clothes than two humans could possibly wear in a lifetime. I don’t know who likes to shop more, Stacie or Nick. (I suppose you would need his and hers closets to match your his and hers Range Rovers though. Try to contain your envy). We scour their closets for their funnest beard paraphernalia by Beard King to mix and match with our fave Hubs & Hers coffee mugs.
Hubs and Hers Local Love
Stacie tells me that her and Nick are more in love and more attracted to each other than the day they first met and two minutes into the photoshoot, that statement is confirmed. Her ring blinds my every time my camera flash ricochets off the diamonds, but I don't mind. Nothing is more magical than capturing chemistry through the lens. Nick’s appreciation of his wife was apparent and his kind words gave Stacie the guts to rock all of the tiny leotards I begged her to put on.
HHubs and Hers Local Love
Hubs and Hers Local Love
Hubs and Hers Local Love
Eight years and two children later, it is apparent that this man loves her even more than the day he married her. These two understand that marriage is work. 'We're not perfect but we never give up". Together means a forever. 
Hubs and Hers Local Love
xo Mrs Farina 
PS if you enjoyed readying about this couple, you will simply adore this cool wife's style & design blog, Will Work For Fashion. Keep up with her shopaholism, get the scoop on where she snags all of her steals & see how she styles her newest Hubs & Hers pieces! 
SHOP NOW to snag any of the vintage pieces Stacie was rocking!   

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    Im old freinds with Melissa Diam. ill stop there before i look stupid cant i cant spell it LoL! But anyway i would love to support her familys stuff plus it helps that its all amazing cant wait to statr shopping

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