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The hub & I were itching to do a Halloween GIVEAWAY, but needed the perfect small business to pair up with. My mind immediately raced to Pink Pirate & the insane orange bikini I had just spotted on their Instagram. It definitely couldn't hurt if the company we collaborated with was local & just so happened to be owned by the cutest couple ever... CONTINUE READING FOR GIVEAWAY DETAILS.  HOW THEY MET.  Rachel started working at a local surf shop on Ft Lauderdale beach when she was 18. The tight-knit staff always spoke highly about their infamous friend Alex, who used to work at said surf shop, but had since moved to California. Fast forward a few years later, Alex moves back to Florida. Rachel's coworkers...

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February 28th, 2018 will commemorate our third year of marriage. That means we're also approaching the third anniversary of Hubs & Hers. I still have a hard time believing that Mr Farina has survived these last few years with me. He's got a few gray hairs to show for it but no one ages more gracefully than my handsome husband. As Hubs & Hers grows, our relationship evolves and so does our outlook on partnerships. We're dedicated to featuring only the most sincere of loves, the realest relationships, the truest companions.  We hit the jackpot with Hannah & Steven.    HOW THEY MET. Hannah and Steven first crossed paths six years ago. They met through a mutual friend who strictly instructed Steven to keep his...

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