The hub & I were itching to do a Halloween GIVEAWAY, but needed the perfect small business to pair up with. My mind immediately raced to Pink Pirate & the insane orange bikini I had just spotted on their Instagram. It definitely couldn't hurt if the company we collaborated with was local & just so happened to be owned by the cutest couple ever...

His Boo

His Boo


His Boo


Rachel started working at a local surf shop on Ft Lauderdale beach when she was 18. The tight-knit staff always spoke highly about their infamous friend Alex, who used to work at said surf shop, but had since moved to California.

Fast forward a few years later, Alex moves back to Florida. Rachel's coworkers insist that the two are destined to start dating and just as destiny does, the surf shop's annual Christmas party would finally be there meeting ground. Despite the fact that neither of them even worked at Maui Nix anymore, time nor distance could keep these guys apart any longer. Like I said previously, they were destined to meet and as much as Rachel hated to admit that everyone had been right all these years, they clicked the moment they met and were living together just a few short months later. 

If Lost Return To Babe


SOOO MANY THINGS. They're easy on the eyes, that's obvious. Brownie points for living locally. Cool as cucumbers, the both of 'em, yet somehow just as kind as they are cool. Sneaker collections that would make you green with envy, but to list our favorite of them all: these two are not only partners in life, but in business.

They compliment one another where it counts - he’s the businessman & she's the creative. They find a way to balance one another out & are no strangers to compromise. Not all couples can handle working with their significant other, but these two are thriving in their partnership. 

 Beard & Butt Mugs

His & Hers Beard & But Mugs

We could not have planned a better time to pair up with this duo. After years of working with other brands, they have learned how to develop their own brand at the ripe ages of 27 & 31. With so many exciting changes taking place, you are going to want to keep your eye on the Pink Pirate dream team...

She Wants The B

She Wants The B

She Wants The B

She Wants The B

She Wants The B

Shop Pink Pirate

Especially because Pink Pirate is ready to GIVE AWAY THIS BIKINI FOR FREE.

Yes, this fucking bikini - this citrus colored suit is part of Pink Pirate's upcoming Miami Vice collection & is not even available for purchase yet.  

Keep scrolling for giveaway details & be the first one to snag this set.  

Pink Pirate

She Wants The B


One couple will win a CUSTOM HALLOWEEN CARE PACKAGE - filled to the brim with all of the Hubs & Hers Halloween gear photographed on Rachel & Alex, PLUS his lucky boo is going to receive a bad ass Pink Pirate bikini of her very own. 


  1. Head over to Instagram 
  2. FOLLOW @hubsandhers & @shoppinkpirate
  3. LIKE the giveaway post
  4. TAG three friends who would kill to win 


  • COMMENT on this blog post
  • SHARE the giveaway in your Instagram story & MENTION @hubsandhers
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Leave a Facebook review 


The winner will be chosen & announced on 10/19. 

It's literally that simple. Show your favorite small businesses a little love & you'll be entered for the chance to win more Hubs & Hers than any human really needs. 

His Trick & Hers Treat

His Trick & Her Treat


Beware of my Boyfriend

Smitten Crop

His Boo

P.S.S. if you & your boo are interested in becoming Hubs & Hers Local Lovers, email us your love story - 

His Boo

She Wants The B



  • Nicole

    Cant wait to rep your stuff love love the colors….can it be summer already 😫💞

  • Robert Ingimarsson

    LOVE you guys!!! Fave couples brand ever we always rep your stuff

  • Jennifer Avila

    I also love that they met because of friends, hits super close to home for me because i also met the love of my life because of very persist friends lol! I clicked my boyfriend of 3 years now the sec we met also, actually kiss within hours of hanging out due to the connection being so strong and us both just knowing we were going to be a forever type of thing and ever since then I’m forever grateful for my high school friends forcing me to be social and met the popular new baseball player at our school and go out to our senior bond fire. A week later we went to homecoming together and from then on we were inseparable. And let me tell you just like rachel and alex , were each others back bones and have each others back through it all.

  • Sam

    Love you guys and all you do. I like that you guys use real couples for your stories. I have the if lost set and I wear mine all the time. I’m a flight attendant so it makes me feel closer to him when I ask him wear his too.

  • Jennifer Avila

    Absolutely in love with his love story, Im a long fan of rachel and her hubs ever since she launched shoppinkpirate. They have literally been my couple goals forever long, they are such an inspiration to all us young couples tries to make our small dreams big, teaching us to really have our partners backs and stick by their side no matter have rough times get.

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