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I could have never imagined that a house could feel like a home without a kitchen or indoor shower, but Jess and Cameron have created just that.   Their custom garage holds all of the toys you could dream of. Four motorcycles, a '69 (wink wink) Dodge truck, a vintage Volkswagen bug, a Tito's cooler turned electric scooter and enough skateboards for Jess and Cam to ride a different one each day of the week. An enormous work bench sits in the middle of the garage, just waiting for a new DIY project. I spy bad ass red and turquoise cabinets that we later discovered will be the newest pieces of handmade furniture for a local joint opening up in...

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Meet The Bangs & The Beard

When Living Fresh first reached out to us, we were a little reserved. We've turned down so many collaborations in the past, mostly because Hubs & Hers has always been just the hub & I. Our main priority has always been to keep things authentic and the idea of incorporating outside influences felt daunting. However, after our first night's sleep on our Living Fresh sheets, we couldn't resist a meeting and after a ride down their extreme indoor office slide, we were sold. A random tuk tuk parked in the middle of open concept cubicles and rooms dedicated solely to mediation, yoga and ping-pong upstairs. Add it to our list of goals: an office space as bad ass as Living...

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