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Hubs & Hers Beard & Butt Mugs

When Living Fresh first reached out to us, we were a little reserved. We've turned down so many collaborations in the past, mostly because Hubs & Hers has always been just the hub & I. Our main priority has always been to keep things authentic and the idea of incorporating outside influences felt daunting. However, after our first night's sleep on our Living Fresh sheets, we couldn't resist a meeting and after a ride down their extreme indoor office slide, we were sold. A random tuk tuk parked in the middle of open concept cubicles and rooms dedicated solely to mediation, yoga and ping-pong upstairs.
Add it to our list of goals: an office space as bad ass as Living Fresh.
With products as dreamy as theirs, creating plush his & hers pillows was the perfect plan for a Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh Giveaway: HIS BABE, and finally, HER BABE.
His Babe & Her Babe Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh
My husband and I were adamant that we chose the couple to photograph for this project. All of our content has always been amateurly shot by me and each and every couple we've worked with have been real life partners. We've rejected pairs in the past for simply not being Hubs & Hers-y enough, so a stock photo couple just wouldn't suffice. 
We posted a vague Instagram story, unwilling to share any juicy details but desperate to find the local lovers of our dreams. We were shocked by how couples reached out to us with open hearts, willing to expose their relationship and join in on this top secret project.
His Babe & Her Babe Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh
One name, in particular, stood out. Far from the usual female name-oriented handles, @itsjohnday looked familiar to me. I opened his direct message and immediately remembered why. He was engaged to the most beautiful banged brunette. My husband had actually chosen this duo as one of the three winning couples out of a thousand that entered our 20k giveaway! John had since purchased more Hubs & Hers gear than any babe deserves, including a one-of-a-kind vintage His Babe vest (a surprise for his finance to bring on her bachelorette trip). At that very moment, Rachel was actually on her bachelorette trip, wearing said denim, when John reached out to surprise her yet again. He managed to charm both his and Rachel's boss' and scored late-notice Thursdays off work and the plan was in motion! They were to leave Sarasota at 4 AM and trek 200 miles southeast to Delray Beach, Florida. 
Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh
It was our sincerest pleasure to meet Rachel and John. By their names, you may believe this couple to be ordinary, but that could not be farther from the truth. The Bangs & The Beard, as we now know them, are basically the best friend couple you've always wanted to double date with but didn't know actually existed. A heart with the word 'staples' is tattooed on the inside of John's arm, commemorating an inside joke from the days of their secret office romance. A tattoo of Rachel's face sits on the top his left thigh. We found out about that guy when John and Rachel slipped into their matching his & hers santa shorts. Yes, red velvet shorts lined with white faux fur and even a pretend belt with gold buckle. That was the moment I knew we found our couple
Hubs & Hers His Babe & Her Babe
Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh
Give Em The Finger Hubs & Hers
Give Em The Finger Hubs & Hers
I knew we'd be a fan of this duo from the moment I learned that we only had one acquaintance in common, and it just so happened to be one of my dearest old friends, Natalie Corcino. Rachel and John met Natalie, and her now husband Bobby, while wedding planning and have since become good friends. 
 To watch the sweetest wedding video you've ever laid eyes on, click here.
 His Babe Hubs & Hers
Now normally, I would gush on and on about John and Rachel's engagement. I would delve into the intimate details of how John created a book for Rachel and then secretly planted it in the Oxford Exchange. I would describe the way Rachel's eyes smiled as her and John narrated the day of October 1, 2016 from the back seat of the Hubs & Hers mobile, but what do you need me for when your proposal gets featured on How He Asked!!!
 The Beard & The Bangs: Engaged at the Oxford Exchange
Surprise Engagement at the Oxford Exchange 
Surprise Engagement at the Oxford Exchange  
One might say I have a type: brunette babes and bearded men, however this couple has so much more to offer than a beautifully candid photo. These two liked minded individuals share our outlook on creating your own success together. They spilled the beans about a private business idea they've been brainstorming about since their engagement and we hope that our short time spent together inspires them to pursue their plan.
 We'll be staying tuned to see what The Bangs & The Beard are up to next!
Hubs & Hers x Living Fresh ft. The Bangs & The Beard


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