My name is Mrs. Farina, formerly known as Lindsey Foss. I married Mr. Farina in February of 2015, where we abandoned everyone and disappeared off to the Caribbean for our private nuptials. He is my better half, in the most cliche way. He compensates for my lack of domestic charm in the kitchen and I have introduced him to the world of jarred sauce. 

I'm a simple girl with simple goals. I want to live on a island with the man of my dreams and sleep in on weekdays when my date with my husband keeps me out too late. I want to forget about routine tasks like washing my hair and be unforgivingly sun-kissed. I want to create something that is inspired by my true life love story. 

Hubs & Hers is the ultimate his and hers line. One that the unconventional couple will appreciate. The ones with four legged children and dreams of exploration as man and wife. For the women with thirsty hearts and the brave men who quench that thirst. 

All of our products have been made with love by both myself and Mr. Farina and all of the photography has been shot with real life couples who constantly inspire us with their love.

Stay tuned for what's to come, as our love grows & our inspiration continues to bloom.
Forever HIS, 
Mrs Farina 

PS if you really love the cheesy stuff, be sure to watch this video from our elopement to see the very beginning of Mr & Mrs Farina, the inspiration for Hubs & Hers.

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