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Hubs & Hers Heads West

On October 29th, I received a phone call from Josh, my little sister's long time boyfriend. I knew why he was calling & answered the phone so quickly I got whiplash. I could hear him smiling through the phone. Josh began to pour out the details of asking for my father's permission to marry Lauren & his plan to propose to her on their upcoming road trip.  Josh had big plans for us too: requesting that we ship a dress - & more importantly nail polish - to the middle of Monument Valley Tribal Park, on the border of Arizona & Utah on Thursday, November 8th sometime between 10 am - 3 pm. He would hire a photographer, who would pose...

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Today marks the day my husband turns 35. He is officially in his mid-thirties and I'm sure you can agree that such a monumental birthday requires an extravagant celebration. An over-the-top 35th fiesta was in order, inspired by Hubs & Hers taco tees and an excuse to incorporate tequila, complete with DIY margarita jell-o shots and authentic sombreros. Normally, we opt out of big gifts, a tradition that began when we joined bank accounts, but I got sneaky this year. I can't stop smiling just thinking about my husband's face when he saw his birthday gift, definitely not a regular wife's gift; a custom conventional salt water fishing pole with 'Mr Farina' engraved on it. We'll be getting that rod wet today, ladies and...

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HOW TO: Breck on a Budget

As I fiercely type from the cramped comfort of my Delta middle seat, I can't help but preplan next year's trip to Colorado. I'm actually multi tasking: blogging from my iPhone and 'installing' my elewrap. Finally, the ongoing marital battle of 'who stole whose charger' is over. Just try to claim that black & white cord as your own, Mr Farina. I double dog dare you. The somewhat tedious task of wrapping my charger millimeter by millimeter with a thermoplastic cover has become the best distraction possible when currently dreading the fact that we're not thirty rows closer to the cockpit. Is it inappropriate to say that I've found another use for my now-stronger iPhone cord: a noose for the...

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Those of you that have been following Hubs & Hers since the beginning know how this all started. Me, criss-cross-applesauce on our compact apartment living room floor, hand painting mugs and previously loved men's button downs. 'I only sleep in my husband's clothes' read the very first one, followed by a pair of his and hers 'I like her butt' and 'I like his beard' mugs. Hubs & Hers was just an unknown online shop, with handmade items inspired by my love, my muse, my husband.  Fast forward six months to Mr Farina's first game changer, the introduction of screen printing (not be confused with elementary heat transfer printing). I came home from work one late evening to find that my magnificent human...

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The Kissing Booth

I begged my husband to build a kissing booth for SunFest and like always, he continues to impress me. From two old pallets and some left over stain came the most adorable non-traditional kissing booth. Now this was not your usual kissing booth. BYOB (Bring Your Own Babe). Hubs & Hers style.  We couldn't believe how many people got a kick out of the booth! Couples lined up for the chance to snag the photo op but the highlight of the booth was watching the pairs that simply popped by for an excuse to steal a smooch and left without their social media memento.  Of course we have to share the memories we were fortunate enough to steal for these local...

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