The Kissing Booth

I begged my husband to build a kissing booth for SunFest and like always, he continues to impress me. From two old pallets and some left over stain came the most adorable non-traditional kissing booth. Now this was not your usual kissing booth. BYOB (Bring Your Own Babe). Hubs & Hers style. 

We couldn't believe how many people got a kick out of the booth! Couples lined up for the chance to snag the photo op but the highlight of the booth was watching the pairs that simply popped by for an excuse to steal a smooch and left without their social media memento. 

Of course we have to share the memories we were fortunate enough to steal for these local lovebirds.  




  • JIll

    I love your product, ideas, and energy – can’t wait to collaborate!
    p.s. Nice pics of Alicia and I

  • Martin And Tina

    Hey we were there Saturday and you took some photos of us. Would be really great if we could see them. She was wearing a black tank top with blue jeans and a ravens purse and I was wearing a black wifebeater with blue jeans and boots. I believe you took 2 pictures. Thanks in advance!!!

  • Julia

    You also snapped a few of my boyfriend and I! It would be super awesome if we could see them. These are all amazing. Thanks so much ❤️

  • Keoni

    Hey sweetie I was wondering when you’d upload all the photos from sunfest me my boyfriend and our daughter met you on Sunday I was looking for our photos you took but can’t find it if possible please send to me ♡♡ much love to you two -thank you

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