Mr Farina

A warm smile escapes out of his grizzly beard and the laugh lines creeping beautifully in the corners of his brown eyes deepen. They get me every time. He's going to town on a mountain of dirty dishes. A habitual marital compromise. He washes. I dry. As we stand together at the sink, dishwasher-less, he can't help but squeeze my butt. It makes me feel good, content, sexy, safe. There is no place I'd rather be. 

I'd keep this man all to myself, however it seems only fair that you finally get to know a little more about the hub behind Hubs & Hers.

He'll handle my mood swings with grace. He'll be more patient than I give him credit for and he'll humor my unrealistic home renovation dreams. His hands will feel like they were made to fit mine and he'll have a soft side that he'll never show anyone but me.

I feel like I'm living a scene from my favorite movie. Straight out of Practical Magic, Stevie Nicks singing in the background. I've concocted a love spell so perfect that this man couldn't possibly exist. And then all of a sudden, there he is and he is my husband.
His hands are strong and callused. His eyes are dark but kind. His skin is always warm and his shoulders are sun-kissed with freckles. He's self taught and was raised on tough love. He's braver than most and his embrace makes me feel like I'm home. He's lived a lot of life in 33 years and I can feel the weight when he rests his head in my lap.
He's perfect. I promise to take care of him forever. 

When I first started Hubs & Hers, I was painting every his & hers mug and vintage button down by hand. I constantly struggled with time management, exhaustion and the ability to create more inventory while also keeping everything local. If it wasn't created with blood, sweat and tears, it wasn't Hubs & Hers.

I come home late from work one day, ready to roll up my sleeves, only to find that my magnificent human being of a husband had taught himself how to screen print. He learned about photo-emulsion and heat curing, built his own screens and put his Photoshop skills to the test. In a short period of time, Mr Farina transformed our garage into a printing shop.

Some of our best fights as husband and wife took place in that printing shop. Long nights, too many mistakes, even more make up sex. He's my captain. You can call me his first mate. How lucky I am to have found a counterpart who both sets my heart on fire and takes on my burdens as his own. This man is my partner, my very own MacGyver.

We may have recently moved to a slightly larger, 2-car print shop, but every single piece of clothing you order from Hubs & Hers is still hand printed by Mr Farina. Containing all of the necessary ingredients: blood, sweat, tears, belly laughs, mistakes and love.

I have known Mr Farina for five and a half years, married almost two, and I know I've only just scraped the surface of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn about this complex human being I call my husband, my best friend, my antithesis. The concept of yin and yang describes how opposites are actually complementary and interdependent of one another. Nothing has ever felt more true. So separate from one another, yet so utterly in sync, incapable of functioning as a whole without the other.
He is the reason my diet consists of more than just coffee. He is the beard mug to my butt mug. My muse. The hub behind Hubs & Hers. Until death do us part. 




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