Tuesday through Saturday, there wasn't a night I got home before 8:30. I won't pretend that Mr. Farina and I worked cooking into the schedule. The fridge? Ha. Leave her out of this. I can't remember the last time we'd given her any groceries to keep cold. The nespresso machine was the only appliance that received regular use (very regular use). 
Remember Lindsey, complete all of your daily adult responsibilities and just simply squeeze Hubs & Hers in before, during, in between and after everything. 
PS try not to stay up all night, capitalizing on as much time with your man as possible before your eyes shut. You're going to be sleepy tomorrow. 
"See you Sunday", I would whisper into my husband's ear as I left for work every Friday morning. Mr. Farina and I would basically cross paths the majority of the week. UNTIL SUNDAY. 
Sundays are filled to the brim with Hubs & Hers and happiness. Printing right from our home with my husband, wrapping every package with love and hand written thank you notes. We'll slip away for a few hours to soak in some sun and salt water and then fall asleep early, warm and tan. But then my favorite 14% of the week is over. And we'd do the same routine all over again. 
NO. I needed more Sundays. Which has brought us here. To our next chapter. I have quit my job after two and half years. Just yesterday, actually. Yesterday was my very last day. And today is Sunday. Ironic. 
I'm nervous, excited, exhausted, exhilarated and thankful for a partner who supports my passions.
To new adventures! To supportive husbands! To Hubs & Hers! To Sundays! 
xo Mrs Farina
PS guess the very first thing I did with my new found freedom... Go to the grocery store.


  • sahira sued

    LOVE this!!! Congratulations! All the best on this new chapter :)



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